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Electrical solutions for farming applications.

WorldWide has expanded to cover most Farm Duty applications through 10 horsepower

Single-Phase Motors through 10 Horsepower

WorldWide Electric offers Single-Phase replacement motors for all agriculture and farm applications from ⅓ – 10 horsepower. Single-Phase motors through 10 horsepower are specifically designed for high torque agriculture or Farm Duty applications.

Three-Phase Motors through 600 Horsepower

While agriculture and farm applications do not typically require horsepower beyond 250, we supply Three-Phase motors with up to 600 horsepower for larger applications. Three-Phase motors are supplied with a manual overload, heavy duty starting switches, and available replacement parts.

Powerful Weather Resistance

Because of the harsh, outdoor environments of the agricultural industry, we reinforce our motors to function properly whether in snow, ice, or extreme heat. For example, our Single-Phase motors are fortified with thick gasket materials. Our Fractional Farm Duty motors (rated IP54) and T-frame Farm Duty motors (rated IP55) are both supplied with V-ring Slingers to protect bearings from moisture and contaminants.