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Overload Relay Heater Tables Irrigation Pump Panels & Heavy Duty Starters

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Model NumberE7
Trip ClassClass 20
Full Load Amps Size 00, 0, 10.41-0.43
Full Load Amps Size 1 3/4
Full Load Amps Size 2, 2 1/2
Full Load Amps Size 3, 3 1/2
Full Load Amps Size 4
List Price$26.14


Heaters provide a maximum trip rating of 125% of minimum motor amperes for 40°C motors (service factor 1.15). For other motors (service factor 1.0), select the next lower listed heater catalog number within the designated table which provides a maximum trip rating of approximately 115%.

Overload relays do not provide against short circuits. To ensure proper coordination with short circuit protective device, select heaters from the information packaged with the controls device.