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Siemens IEC Auxiliary Contact Blocks

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Model Number3RH1921-1FC22
Auxiliary Contacts2NO Late Brake & 2NC
Terminal TypeScrew
DescriptionFront Mount Version
Model Number3RH1921-1FC22
List Price$159.33


  • The 3RH19 auxiliary contact blocks are available in: 1, 2, 3, 4-pole front mount versions and 2-pole Side Mount versions
  • The 3RH19 front mount auxiliary contacts are rated NEMA A600/Q600
  • The 3RH1921 contact blocks will mount to all 3RT102, 3RT103, 3RT104, 3RT105, 3RT106 and 3RT107 contactors.
  • Front mount auxiliary contacts come in three main versions:
    • For standard through wiring (HA, FA, FC, CA)
    • Cable entry from below (BA, MA) and
    • Cable entry from above
  • The 3RH19 Side Mount auxiliary contacts are rated NEMA A300/Q300
  • The 3RH1921-1EA** units are the standard side mount contact blocks. They can mount to either the left or right hand side of the contactor.
  • The 3RH1921-1KA** contact blocks are designed to mount to the 3RH1921-1EA** blocks on a 3RT104 contactor
Contactor Size Max. Number of
Auxiliary Contacts
Max. Number of
Normally Open
Max Number of
Normally Closed
Mounting Position
3RT101 5 5 (1) 3 (2) FRONT
3RT102 4 4 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT103 4 4 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT104 8 8 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT105 8 4 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT106 8 4 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT107 8 4 4 FRONT and SIDE
3RT126/3RT127 4 2 2 SIDE

(1) With 1-NO contact built-in to contactor
(2) With 1-NC contact built-in to contactor

* Can only be used if no 4-pole auxiliary contact blocks are snapped onto the front