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Hyundai Beam Pump Controller

Hyundai ”PRODUCER” Beam Pump Drive Package
As a production company, you understand the pressures associated with high operating and maintenance costs. WorldWide Electric’s Producer line of field equipment helps you reduce and control those costs while also maintaining fluid levels.

Product Features

  • Increases production by running the pump at a precise speed to keep up with the well inflow.
  • Lowers operating costs by optimizing the pump speed & reducing power requirements.
  • Lowers maintenance costs by reducing the stress on belts, gearboxes & rods (rod-pounding).
  • Easy to use WorldWide Smart Interface Device (SID) – uses oil field terminology that allows local pumpers to quickly understand pump operation.
  • Reduces field equipment by removing the need for an intermediate feedback device to sense well levels.
  • Technology you can trust – built by Hyundai Electric for use in harsh environments found in oil and gas.
Model Number
Constant Torque HP
Constant Torque Current (A)
Frame Size
Dimensions (Inches)

List Price
Model NumberVoltageConstant Torque HPConstant Torque Current (A)Frame SizeDimensions (Inches)List Price
WWEPJB-DRV3R-003-448037.23R129 x 24 x 12 $10,500.00
WWEPJB-DRV3R-005-448059.23R129 x 24 x 12 $10,750.00
WWEPJB-DRV3R-007-44807.5123R129 x 24 x 12 $12,250.00

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