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Hyundai Positive Displacement Pump Drive Package

Hyundai Positive Displacement Pump Drive Package
WorldWide Electric’s Hyundai Positive Displacement (PD) Pump Drive Package is built for the demanding startup, control, and protection needed for Salt Water Disposal and Jet Pump applications. This package provides full skid control and protection of your motor and positive displacement piston pump.

Product Features

  • Reduces manufacturing costs by providing powertrain drive and control in one package with selectable analog and discrete inputs for trip/control sensors, such as suction and discharge pressure.
  • Reduce operating costs by running the pump at the optimal speed rather than just an On/Off control.
  • Intuitive startup and operation with the WorldWide SID1 guiding operations through the running trip conditions. Log historical trip conditions to help diagnose those hard to find problems.
  • Built for the rugged oilfield environment with heavy duty, custom designed, heat shedding, NEMA 3R enclosure that includes oversized forced air cooling fans, heater fans, and upgraded 12 gauge steel doors.
  • Robust protection features come as standard, including a main circuit breaker, protective line reactor, and full panel surge protection device – just as you would expect.
  • In stock availability with direct shipping from our distribution centers to your site on all sizes up to 550 HP.
  • Contact us 24/7 for sales, application, and technical support and service.
Prices Seen Here Are List - Please Call For Your Multiplier.
Model Number
Constant Torque HP
Constant Torque Current (A)
Variable Torque HP
Variable Torque Current (A)
Frame Size
Dimensions (Inches)
List Price
Model NumberVoltageConstant Torque HPConstant Torque Current (A)Variable Torque HPVariable Torque Current (A)Frame SizeDimensions (Inches)AvailabilityList Price
WWEPPB-DRV3R-010-4480101615223R129 x 24 x 12Call for Availability$22,068.58
WWEPPB-DRV3R-015-4480152320293R129 x 24 x 12Call for Availability$22,953.54
WWEPPB-DRV3R-007-44807.51210153R129 x 24 x 12Call for Availability$21,736.73
WWEPPB-DRV3R-005-448059.259.23R129 x 24 x 12Call for Availability$20,962.39
WWEPPB-DRV3R-003-448037.237.23R129 x 24 x 12Call for Availability$20,464.60

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