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Hyundai Irrigation Pump Drive Package

WorldWide Electric’s Hyundai Irrigation Pump Drive Package combines rugged quality and simple operation. This powerful, yet basic package helps you manage your irrigation operations by allowing you to control pump equipment run times and intervals you choose – using set speed, constant pressure or flow.

Product Features

  • Reduces operating costs with an economical package that can optimize your pump speed and reduce power requirements.
  • Easy to startup & operate with the most basic set of operating parameters the industry has to offer. The simple On/Off/Auto with speed potentiometer interface provides only the control that the operator needs.
  • Built for irrigation environments in a heavy duty, custom designed, heat shedding, NEMA 3R enclosure with oversized forced air cooling fans and heater fans with thermostat.
  • Robust protection features, such as the main circuit breaker, protective line reactor, and full panel surge protection device, all come as standard features – just as you would expect.
  • Technology you can trust – a Hyundai Electric variable frequency drive is at the core of this heavy duty package.
  • In stock availability with direct shipping from our distribution centers to your site on all sizes up to 550 HP.
  • Contact us 24/7 for sales, application, and technical support and service.
Model Number
Constant Torque HP
Constant Torque Current (A)
Variable Torque HP
Variable Torque Current (A)

List Price
Model NumberConstant Torque HPConstant Torque Current (A)Variable Torque HPVariable Torque Current (A)VoltageList Price
WWEPIA-DRV3R-002-424.8------480 $10,250.00
WWEPIA-DRV3R-003-437.2------480 $10,500.00
WWEPIA-DRV3R-005-459.2------480 $11,891.59
WWEPIA-DRV3R-007-47.5121015480 $12,500.00
WWEPIA-DRV3R-010-410161522480 $12,997.79

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