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Hyundai Heavy Duty Drive Package-NEMA 3R Enclosure

Product Features

  • 5-500 HP
  • CT and VT ratings
  • Three-phase or single-phase input
  • NEMA 3R enclosure; hooded, ventilated, filtered
  • Bottom and top ventilation
  • Concealed hinges
  • Padlockable door
  • Heavy duty mounting ears
  • Heavy duty lifting strap
  • Main CB with padlockable disconnect
  • 3% line reactor
  • Full panel surge protection
  • Panel heater fan
  • Door mounted keypad
  • Start / stop pushbuttons
  • Run / fault / e-stop pilot lights
  • Speed control potentiometer
  • HOA selector
  • Mushroom emergency stop
Prices Seen Here Are List - Please Call For Your Multiplier.
Model Number
Constant Torque HP
Constant Torque Current (A)
Variable Torque HP
Variable Torque Current (A)
List Price
Model NumberConstant Torque HPConstant Torque Current (A)Variable Torque HPVariable Torque Current (A)VoltageAvailabilityList Price
WWEHDA-DRV3R-005-459.2------480Call for Availability$13,606.19
WWEHDA-DRV3R-007-47.5121015480Call for Availability$14,330.75
WWEHDA-DRV3R-010-410161522480Call for Availability$14,883.85
WWEHDA-DRV3R-015-415232029480Call for Availability$15,763.27
WWEHDA-DRV3R-020-420322537480Call for Availability$17,146.02

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