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wwEPIC General Purpose Solid State Soft Starters

Worldwide Electric’s EPIC Softstart package is an economical alternative for pump, fan, and conveyor softstart applications that do not require an emergency bypass. The Run-Off-Auto selector switch makes it ideal for remote irrigation applications, yet it is also ideal for industrial applications that will tie into a PLC control system.

Now available with integrated surge protection device (SPD), this soft starter has all of the features and protection for any indoor or outdoor general purpose application.

Product Features

  • Service entrance rated
  • Simple operation / easy to use
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Full panel surge protection
  • Advanced motor protection
  • Circuit breaker and door operator disconnect (fused disconnect on 20 HP and 25HP)
  • Three wire in, three wire out installation
  • REMOTE / OFF / ON selector switch for local or remote operation
  • Full three leg power starter
  • Start rated bypass with x-line mode
  • Overload rated 500% for 30 seconds
  • Pump ramp down feature - eliminates water hammer
  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Illuminated reset pushbutton
  • Run pilot light
  • wwEPIC soft starts are suitable for all general purpose applications
Model Number
HP @ 230V
HP @ 460V
Dimensions (Inches)

List Price
Model NumberHP @ 230VHP @ 460VMax FLADimensions (Inches)List Price
wwEPICSSRV12-2010202837 x 15 x 12 $9,030.97
wwEPICSSRV12-25253937 x 15 x 12 $9,061.95
wwEPICSSRV12-3015304837 x 15 x 12 $7,138.89
wwEPICSSRV12-4020406237 x 15 x 12 $7,444.44
wwEPICSSRV12-5025507837 x 15 x 12 $9,629.42

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