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WWEHD Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Starters

Worldwide Electric’s Heavy Duty (HD) Softstart package is designed specifically for the demanding start-up, control, and protection needed for your most heavy duty applications. This product is ideal for the challenging starting demands of a rock crusher or aggregate conveyor, yet is provided at an affordable price for all industrial applications.

Now available with integrated surge protection device (SPD), this soft starter has all of the features and protection for any application.

Product Features

  • Separate Start & Run Overload Protection with two programmable overload trip curves which allow for the thermal capacity required to start the load, while providing more closely matched overload protection during the run time.
  • Real-Time Thermal Modeling with a dynamic thermal register continuously calculating the motor operating temperature even when the motor isn’t running. Knows when the motor is cool enough for a successful restart.
  • PTC Thermistor Input for use on motors with embedded PTC temperature sensors.
  • Service Entrance Rated which meets NEC requirements.
  • Full Panel Surge Protection Device.
  • Equipment Ground Fault Trip & Monitoring (residual current method).
  • Current Imbalance Trip and biasing of the thermal register.
  • Phase Loss Protection based on current and voltage.
  • Electronic Shear Pin Trip (overcurrent) with trip delay.
  • Load Loss Trip (under current) with trip delay.
  • Phase Rotation Protection.
  • Pre-Start Shorted Load Protection checks for motor lead or winding damage.
  • Bypass Starting Mode Included “WWE HD” Heavy Duty Soft Starts WorldWide
Model Number
HP @ 230V
HP @ 460V
Dimensions (Inches)

List Price
Model NumberHP @ 230VHP @ 460VMax FLADimensions (Inches)List Price
WWEBCDSSRV12-2515254837 x 15 x 12 $10,272.12
WWEBCDSSRV12-3015306237 x 15 x 12 $10,502.21
WWEBCDSSRV12-4020407837 x 15 x 12 $10,537.61
WWEBCDSSRV12-5025509637 x 15 x 12 $10,851.77
WWEBCDSSRV12-60306011237 x 15 x 12 $14,123.89

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