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VBII Safety Switches Heavy Duty ▪ 480 Volt / 600 Volt

Product Features

  • Highly visible easy-to-grip handle
  • Visible blade construction
  • Door opens greater than 180°
  • All copper current carrying parts on heavy duty switches (except wire grips)
  • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism
  • 200% optional neutrals (200-600 Amps)
  • Positive two and three point mounting
  • Padlock style cover latch and handle
  • Generous wiring gutter
  • Front removable lugs which can easily be converted to copper body or compression type lugs
  • Lugs suitable for copper or aluminium at 60°C or 75°C
  • Generous wiring gutter
  • Replacement parts
Model Number
Amp Rating
Horsepower Rating 480V AC Single-Phase Std.
Horsepower Rating 480V AC Single-Phase Max.
Horsepower Rating 600V AC Three-Phase, 3-Wire Std.
Horsepower Rating 600V AC Three-Phase, 3-Wire Max.
List Price
Model NumberEnclosureTypeAmp RatingHorsepower Rating 480V AC Single-Phase Std.Horsepower Rating 480V AC Single-Phase Max.Horsepower Rating 600V AC Three-Phase, 3-Wire Std.Horsepower Rating 600V AC Three-Phase, 3-Wire Max.DisconnectAvailabilityList Price
HF361NEMA 13-Pole, 3-Fuse, No Neutral305157.520FusibleIn Stock$340.90
HF362NEMA 13-Pole, 3-Fuse, No Neutral6015301550FusibleIn Stock$405.70
HF363NEMA 13-Pole, 3-Fuse, No Neutral10025603075FusibleIn Stock$794.20
HF364NEMA 13-Pole, 3-Fuse, No Neutral2005012560150FusibleIn Stock$1,136.00
HF365NEMA 13-Pole, 3-Fuse, No Neutral400100250125350FusibleCall for Availability$2,639.38

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