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Double Throw Transfer Switches

Product Features

  • All 2 and 3 pole double throw switches are suitable for use as service equipment
  • When protected with Class H fuses, switches are rated for use on systems up to 10,000 AIC
  • When protected with Class R or Class T fuses, switches are rated for use on systems up to 100,000 AIC
  • Switches can be used to connect a single source of power to either of two loads
  • A cover interlock is provided on all ampere ratings
  • The operating handle may be padlocked in the OFF position
Model Number
Amp Rating

List Price
Model NumberTypeVoltageAmp RatingEnclosureDisconnectList Price
DTNF2212-Pole24030NEMA 1Non-Fusible $936.60
DTNF3213-Pole24030NEMA 1Non-Fusible $1,000.79
DTNF3613-Pole60030NEMA 1Non-Fusible $1,221.96
DTNF2222-Pole24060NEMA 1Non-Fusible $1,402.01
DTGNF223R2-Pole, No Neutral240100NEMA 3RNon-Fusible $1,281.26

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