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HUBBELL Drum Controllers

Product Features

  • Start, stop and change the speed and/or rotating direction of reversible AC and DC motors.
  • Variety of handle styles are available as field modifications.
  • Magnetic chuck switches are also available
  • Variety of enclosures NEMA 1, NEMA 3R and NEMA 4
  • Easy terminal access
  • Heavy duty contacts

Note: To prevent unintentional operation, OSHA regulations and local installation codes may require guarding of handles. Consult these requirements prior to selecting a drum switch or handle.

Model Number
Type / Purpose
Single-Phase AC Max. HP 120 Volt
Single-Phase AC Max. HP 240 Volt
Single-Phase AC Max. HP 480 Volt
Three-Phase AC Max. HP 240 Volt
Three-Phase AC Max. HP 480-600 Volt
DC Max. HP 120-240 Volt

List Price
Model NumberType / PurposeSingle-Phase AC Max. HP 120 VoltSingle-Phase AC Max. HP 240 VoltSingle-Phase AC Max. HP 480 VoltThree-Phase AC Max. HP 240 VoltThree-Phase AC Max. HP 480-600 VoltDC Max. HP 120-240 VoltEnclosureList Price
58R44Reversing / Maintaining1.5222¼NEMA 1 $1,019.62
J2Reversing / Maintaining1.523331NEMA 1 $1,419.91
J5Reversing / Maintaining2357.52NEMA 1 $1,845.88
WR44Maintaining Only1.5222¼NEMA 3R $1,190.40
WJ5Reversing / Maintaining2357.52NEMA 3R $3,436.17

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