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Manual Motor Starters / Protectors Class 11 - 3RV ▪ Three-Phase

Product Features

  • ON/OFF rotary handle with lockout and visible trip indication
  • Adjustment dial for setting to motor FLA (standards only)
  • Low voltage protection (LVP) option
  • Short circuit trip at 13 times the maximum setting of the FLA dial or rated current
  • Ambient compensated up to 140 °F
  • Phase loss sensitivity
  • Test trip function
  • LVP option meets OSHA requirements
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified

Please call for technical data and model numbers for enclosures: NEMA 1, NEMA 7 & 9, NEMA 3 & 4

These ratings do not apply as UL Listed manual combination starters.

Low Voltage Protection Coil Table
60 Hz Voltage Letter
120 F*
208 D*
240 G*
460 H*
* Add corresponding letter to end of base class 11 model number for low voltage protection coil
Model Number
FLA Adj.Range
Single-Phase HP Rating 115 Volt
Single-Phase HP Rating 230 Volt
Three-Phase HP Rating 200 Volt
Three-Phase HP Rating 230 Volt
Three-Phase HP Rating 460 Volt
Three-Phase HP Rating 575 Volt
Starter / Switch

List Price
Model NumberFLA Adj.RangeSingle-Phase HP Rating 115 VoltSingle-Phase HP Rating 230 VoltThree-Phase HP Rating 200 VoltThree-Phase HP Rating 230 VoltThree-Phase HP Rating 460 VoltThree-Phase HP Rating 575 VoltEnclosureStarter / SwitchList Price
3RV1021-0AA100.11-0.16OpenStarter $334.86
3RV1021-0BA100.14-0.2OpenStarter $334.86
3RV1021-0CA100.18-0.25OpenStarter $334.86
3RV1021-0DA100.22-0.32OpenStarter $334.86
3RV1021-0EA100.28-0.4OpenStarter $334.86

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