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Overload Relay Heater Tables Irrigation Pump Panels & Heavy Duty Starters

Product Features

Heaters provide a maximum trip rating of 125% of minimum motor amperes for 40°C motors (service factor 1.15). For other motors (service factor 1.0), select the next lower listed heater catalog number within the designated table which provides a maximum trip rating of approximately 115%.

Overload relays do not provide against short circuits. To ensure proper coordination with short circuit protective device, select heaters from the information packaged with the controls device.

Model Number
Trip Class
Full Load Amps Size 00, 0, 1
Full Load Amps Size 1 3/4
Full Load Amps Size 2, 2 1/2
Full Load Amps Size 3, 3 1/2
Full Load Amps Size 4
List Price
Model NumberTrip ClassFull Load Amps Size 00, 0, 1Full Load Amps Size 1 3/4Full Load Amps Size 2, 2 1/2Full Load Amps Size 3, 3 1/2Full Load Amps Size 4AvailabilityList Price
E6Class 200.38-0.40Call for Availability$26.14
E7Class 200.41-0.43Call for Availability$26.14
E8Class 200.44-0.48Call for Availability$26.14
E9Class 200.49-0.53Call for Availability$26.14
E11Class 200.54-0.57Call for Availability$26.14

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