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Heavy Duty Combination Starters MCP Type With Solid State Overload ▪ Class 18

Product Features

  • Solid state ESP200 overload relay
  • Wide range of enclosure types available
  • Flexibility with field modifications
  • 100 KA short circuit current rating when protected with class R fuses to 600V
  • Industrial type disconnect handle
  • Visible blade disconnect
  • Easy to install

Coil Table

60 Hz Voltage Letter
24 Separate Control J
120 Separate Control F
110-120/220-240 A
200-208 D
220-240 G
277 L
220-240/440-480 C
440-480 H
550-600 E
Model Number
HP @ 200V
HP @ 230V
HP @ 460V
HP @ 575V
Breaker Size
Overload Amp Range
Coil Voltage
Frame Size
List Price
Model NumberHP @ 200VHP @ 230VHP @ 460VHP @ 575VNEMA SizeBreaker SizeOverload Amp RangeCoil VoltageFrame SizeEnclosureAvailabilityList Price
18CUB92BA1/21/211030.75-3.4110-120/220-240ANEMA 1Call for Availability$1,975.48
18CUB92BC1/21/211030.75-3.4220-240/440-480ANEMA 1Call for Availability$1,975.48
18CUB92BD1/21/211030.75-3.4200-208ANEMA 1Call for Availability$1,975.48
18CUB92BE1/21/211030.75-3.4550-600ANEMA 1Call for Availability$1,975.48
18CUB92BF1/21/211030.75-3.4120 Separate ControlANEMA 1Call for Availability$1,975.48

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