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Backstop Assemblies

Product Features

  • Easy mount for WorldWide shaft mount reducers
  • Smooth forward operation of conveyor with no backslip
SMR Backstop Installation & Maintenance Manual WSMR Series Backstop Guide

Backstop Assemblies are designed and built for use in specific shaft mount reducer models. These are safety devices and should never be interchanged. Use only WSMR#BSK model number backstop assemblies in "Ultimate" series WSMR reducers and SMR#BSK model number backstop assemblies in the "Original" series SMR reducers.

Model Number
Box Size

List Price
Model NumberBox SizeList Price
WSMR2BSK2 $236.76
WSMR3BSK3 $302.98
WSMR4BSK4 $302.98
WSMR5BSK5 $359.82
WSMR6BSK6 $681.77

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