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Offer more torque and speed control with our Inline Helical Gearmotor that features an all cast iron housing, 1-75 HP, TEFC enclosure, and internal gearing that is precision ground for better rotation and quieter operation. Our gearmotor features the Hyundai Crown Triton motor with its unsurpassed in the industry low vibration and low temperature specifications. Our gearmotors provide excellent efficiency and reliability backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • 1-75 HP
  • 5:1 - 120:1 ratios
  • 3-year warranty
  • TEFC enclosure
  • Dual rated service factor
  • 1.15 for 40°C / 1.0 for 65°C
  • Class F insulation with Class N varnish
  • Rigid base
  • Premium Efficiency, meets or exceeds EISA 2007 requirements defined in NEMA MG-1 table 12-12
  • All cast iron housings for unquestioned strength and reliability
  • Gears are precision ground for better rotation and quieter operation
  • No coupling necessary
  • Drop-in for most major European-produced Inline reducer brands

* Prices Seen Here Are List - Please Call For Your Multiplier.

* SD: Standard Duty | 350%, 30 seconds, 4 starts/hour | Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps Fans, Lightly Loaded Conveyors

* HD: Heavy Duty | 450%, 30 seconds, 4 starts/hour | Rock Crushers, PD Pumps, Heavily Loaded Conveyors

Model Number
Normal Ratio
Input Power (HP)
Output RPM @ 1800 RPM Input
Output Torque (lbs. in.)
OHL (lbs.)
Approx Wt. (lbs.)
List Price
Model NumberHPRPMVoltageFrameNormal RatioInput Power (HP)Output RPM @ 1800 RPM InputOutput Torque (lbs. in.)OHL (lbs.)StagesApprox Wt. (lbs.)AvailabilityList Price
WINL77C-100/1-H21821800208-230/460145TC100:1219609111473138Call for Availability$1,932.00
WINL67C-40/1-H21821800208-230/460145TC40:124227567263128Call for Availability$1,762.00
WINL67C-50/1-H21821800208-230/460145TC50:123434047673128Call for Availability$1,762.00
WINL77C-50/1-H21821800208-230/460145TC50:123335079083138Call for Availability$1,932.00
WINL77C-60/1-H21821800208-230/460145TC60:123038589373138Call for Availability$1,932.00

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