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Premium Efficiency Severe Duty Motors: Rigid Base

WorldWide Electric Premium Efficiency Severe Duty Motors - Rigid Base

Premium Efficient and Severe Duty

WorldWide Electric’s Premium Efficient Severe Duty Rigid Base motors are designed, built, and certified for everything from general purpose applications to high-torque, severe duty tasks. Reliability, protection, and high performance give these motors the capability to handle anything from pumps, fans, compression, and blowers to crushing, hammermills, and aggregate processing. Available in 3600, 1800, and 1200 RPM models at HP ratings from 1-200, the WorldWide Electric Premium Efficient Severe Duty C-Face motor is the reliable, affordable choice.

Product Features

  • 1-500 HP; 3600, 1800, 1200 and 900 RPM
  • 208-230/460 Volt
  • 460 Volt (449T-586/7 frame)
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Enclosure
  • IP55 Protection
  • 1.25 SF (1-200 HP)
  • 1.15 SF (250-500 HP)
  • Class F Insulation
  • Rigid Base
  • Premium Efficiency
  • Inverter Duty, 10:1 CT / 20:1 VT (1-400 HP)
  • Inverter Ready, 5:1 CT / 6:1 VT (450-500 HP)
  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D (1-400 HP)
Model Number
FL Amps (A)
FL Eff (%)
Approx Wt. (lbs.)
List Price
Model NumberHPRPMFrameEnclosureVoltageFL Amps (A)FL Eff (%)Approx Wt. (lbs.)SpecificationsAvailabilityList Price
EP1-12-145T11200145TTEFC208-230/4601.682.551SpecificationsCall for Availability$529.65
EP1-18-143T11800143TTEFC208-230/4601.686.349SpecificationsIn Stock$380.75
PEWWE1-12-145T11200145TTEFC208-230/4601.782.553SpecificationsIn Stock$529.65
PEWWE1-18-143T11800143TTEFC208-230/4601.585.541SpecificationsIn Stock$380.75
EP1.5-12-182T1.51200182TTEFC208-230/4602.287.591SpecificationsIn Stock$605.13

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