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Stainless Steel TEFC Motors

WorldWide Electric TEFC Stainless Steel Motors for Washdown Duty Applications

Fan Cooled Stainless Motors for Washdown Duty Applications

WorldWide Electric’s Stainless Steel TEFC motors are rated for 1.15 Service Factor (1.0 SF with AC drive) and feature an IP56 rated Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled enclosure for watertight protection during washdowns. Featuring double lip seals on both the drive end and non drive end, an additional shaft slinger, o-rings on end bells and through bolts, 304 stainless steel frame, stainless shaft, and a watertight cord connector/junction box. These washdown duty motors are ideal for conveyors, pumps, and material handling solutions in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and poultry industries, and are available in horsepower ratings from 1/2 to 2.

Product Features

  • 1/3-2 HP
  • 3600 and 1800 RPM
  • 208-230/460 volt
  • TEFC enclosure - IP56 degree of protection
  • 1.15 service factor
  • Class F insulation
  • C-face - rigid base and round body
  • 304 stainless steel frame, end bracket and junction box
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Double lip seals on both ends of the motor with an additional shaft slinger on the drive-end
  • O-rings installed on endbells to eliminate moisture
  • Pre-installed watertight, stainless cord connector
  • Inverter duty
  • Suitable for 50 hz operation, with 1.0 SF
  • Three-Phase
Model Number
FL Amps (A)
FL Eff (%)
Approx Wt. (lbs.)

List Price
Model NumberHPRPMVoltageFrameEnclosureTypeFL Amps (A)FL Eff (%)Approx Wt. (lbs.)SpecificationsList Price
NAWSS12-18-56CB½1800208-230/46056CTEFCRigid Base0.97027Specifications $743.90
NAWSS13-18-56CB1800208-230/46056CTEFCRigid Base0.76725Specifications $711.03
NAWSS34-18-56CB¾1800208-230/46056CTEFCRigid Base1.27330Specifications $765.32
WSS12-18-56CRD½1800208-230/46056CTEFCRound Body0.882.531Specifications $633.61
WSS12-36-56CB½3600208-230/46056CTEFCRigid Base0.97729Specifications $659.90

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