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WorldWide Motor Slide Bases

Compatible, reliable motor mounts

WorldWide Electric’s Universal motor slide bases can be used to mount NEMA standard electric motors. Fabricated from steel and coated with primer for rugged, lasting reliability, these motor slide bases simplify the adjustment, alignment, and positioning of electric motors. Ideal for fine motor positioning, tightening of belts, and alignment applications.

Product Features

  • Bases are provided with washers
  • Bases are painted with an oven-baked primer for better contact of customer’s paint
  • All “D” bolts (motor mounting bolts) are welded into position to prevent spinning and “dropping” from slots
  • All “D” bolts are fixed to the exact foot pattern of the motor to aid in easier motor installation
  • Exact drop-in replacement for all major make slide bases
  • Single adjusting screws for frames 56-145T
  • Double adjusting screws for frames 182T-505T
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Model Number
Model Number
List Price
Model NumberDescriptionModel NumberList Price
W56Frame 56 Approx. Wt. 3 lbs.W56$20.83
W143TFrame 143T Approx. Wt. 6 lbs.W143T$40.10
W145TFrame 145T Approx. Wt. 7 lbs.W145T$40.10
W182TFrame 182T Approx. Wt. 10 lbs.W182T$54.54
W184TFrame 184T Approx. Wt. 10 lbs.W184T$54.54

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