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WorldWide Electric’s “INSTA-MOD” Modification Program is the quickest way to get custom-built motors!

Product Features

  • Installation of C-Flange or D-Flange
  • F1 / F2 Mount conversion
  • T to TS Short Shaft dimension turn down
  • Space Heaters (120 or 240 Volt) installation to prevent moisture or condensation from building up on the motor windings or bearings.
  • Winding Thermistors placement: Thermistors are provided and placed in the stator windings and as critical temperature is reached, the resistance of the thermistors changes radically, causing operation of the control relay
  • Bearing / Winding RTDs Installation: Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are installed in the windings or at the bearing journals to measure the internal temperature rise of the components to assist in preventing thermal damage to the motor windings or bearings
  • Please call for additional modifications and explosion proof modifications not seen above
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